Angel Ride

So I am a crazy person. I have just signed up for the Team Hole in the Wall Angel Ride. It takes place memorial day weekend 2009 in Connecticut. I will ride 130 miles in two days and raise $1000+ to support Hole in the Wall Gang’s Hospital Outreach programs. I love HITWG Camp and it is a blessing to be able to once again be a team member.

It will be a bit of a busy week however in that week of May. Sunday-Columbia Tri, Wednesday-Final Concert at School, Thursday-Graduate from Hopkins, Friday-Drive to CT, Sat and Sun-ride 130 miles, Monday-drive back and pass out!!! Totally worth it though.  This endeavor is my way of celebrating graduating from Hopkins. It is also a way to see what it feels like to ride that much in hilly terrain.

The best part of all…we stay at camp on Saturday night. So I get one night of experiencing life as a camper. What a hoot it shall be.

Check out my fundraising page here: Sarah’s Angel Ride. For more about Team HITW click here. For more about the camps worldwide, visit Hole in the Wall Gang.

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