what running can be.

Last night I had the best kind of therapy. I realized that once upon a time running was just running. To push the body and be with friends. It wasn’t about PRs. It wasn’t about hassle.

Yesterday I was very blue. Many of you dear readers obviously know why I was blue but to top it off I’m having a plethora of health issues which are effecting my running-gosh darn it!! But I nonetheless went to practice last night to bid my Marine Corps runners farewell and wish them luck this weekend. I just ran. I didn’t do a lot of talking (shocking, I know). I ran hard and enjoyed the crisp red leaves underfoot. I listened as my newbies sounded like veterans after weeks of training; even hearing some of my own mantras repeated.

When it came for loop three to bring us to six miles, I heard “who’s in?”. I added my “I’m in”, and it was good. So good to run, to listen, to enjoy the sunset in each of its final stages as we crested the hill behind OMHS each time. I was reminded of the need to challenge the body when it is weak, from time to time. And to let the mind clear even when it is its most full.

Thank you friends, for allowing me to sit in the pack last night and remember what running can be.

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