on the road again…

I took 8 days off after my marathon doing absolutely nothing other than watching myself get fat. My legs felt better fairly early in the process, but I just didn’t feel like going out. I wasn’t exactly getting a lot of extra sleep in and motivation was not super high.

I was bound and determined to get out on Monday morning to begin anew as I prepare for Philly. My excitement turned when I flipped on the news at 5:15am and saw that the current outdoor temp was 33 degrees. Really? Already? Ok, ok. I threw open my winter running bin and pulled out some tights and got myself together. Trodding out like a stay-puff marshmallow I started up the hill as my lungs took in the chilled air. It wasn’t terrible, but it was certainly not the ideal way back onto the road. Dark, cold, and to top it off, suffering a bit of gastro discomfort that has yet to subside.

I made it to the top of the hill and past HCC to meet MM. We were able to get most of the way around the reverse wdf course when I saw my apt. complex and was happy to book it home instead of staying with her for the last mile. 3.5 miles is not what I had hoped for on my first round out, but I will accept it and move on.

I will try again tonight and see if I can extend my distance. Speed will come later. For now, it is move the legs and hope they remember what to do.

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