shrill in the morning

I have made the switch from The Today Show on NBC every morning to MSNBC’s Morning Joe as my morning news program. I was getting sick of the ridiculous things passing for news on Today (I’m sorry Matt Lauer) and I wanted more politics in my morning. With Joe Scarborough and his morning crew I have received my request. They talk politics, news, and opinions for three hours every morning and it seems a lot like an intelli-fest, which I love.

However, at 6:45am, I don’t need to hear Pat Buchanan’s on-on-on about how Sarah Palin is the most intelligent and ready candidate for VP. Seriously? Not only is he just wrong; she is the worst choice John McCain has ever made in his professional political career. But more than that, Pat Buchanan–you’re wearing a microphone, stop screaming into the camera. The only that could be worse would be you vs. Senator Clinton (a great politician but a very shrill mic user). It is not just what you say, it is how you say it into a volume projection device. Shhhhhh!!!!!

Have a good day dear reader. Enjoy your last month of election madness.

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