Daily Dose of the Good Ones

Great things from a day at school.

Getting a campaign button from a great kid as she runs for student council…knowing a win would be a huge boost for her confidence.

Seeing a Mom who doesn’t participate much listen to her kid intently as he proudly shares a class project and watching her be supportive.

Having a Chaplain who truly cares about her new colleagues and kids and prays with us, genuinely showing the true spirit of Christ.

Listening to kids finally understand the downward progression of So-Fa-Mi-Re-Do.

Having a Kindergartener proudly proclaim that the triangle is high pitch and the big drum is low pitch.

Being given a re-done paper that while not stellar, was certainly a concerted effort to improve.

Listening to the kids get excited about talking about cathedrals and their beauty.

These are the good ones that make the rough ones worth fighting through…


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