rest for rest’s sake.

Each day at “teacher camp” we have two and a half hours of “rest”. As you’ve read in previous posts I have spent all previous rest times reading/writing except for a brief one hour interlude for a bike yesterday.

Today we have rest from 1pm-tomorrow at 4pm which allows for recreation, socialization (some are going to Princeton, others to the city tonight), and of course….studying. Lots and lots of studying. This is an intense program and we are working our brains tremendously. So last night’s evening cocktails (courtesy of the institute) and todays extended rest are SO important.

A large group is planning “day of sports” this afternoon at 2 and I find myself very tempted to stay in the comfort of this bed and resting until our Princeton outing, but I know that I will end up studying and part of this time is SUPPOSED to be rest and recreation…so, I will go off in ten minutes to the field.

In my quiet bunk rest, I found this great article in the Daily Cafe from EDOW about admitting to times of rest both literal and figurative in our society, perhaps you will enjoy it.


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