my thoughts on NJ roads…

Met up with a nice gal from CT to ride during “rest”…we had a nice 50 minute flat road ride in and around Lawrenceville. Not sure how fast or far, don’t really care as it was more about getting outside and pushing my feet forward in the GORGEOUS weather. (How lucky are we on the East Coast this week huh?)

My comment is this, NJ roads stink! No, that is really mean, but they certainly do not have the find smooth quality of Western Howard County. Thank goodness my tires are hearty. Plus I was surprised at the amount of traffic for 3:45-4:30 in the afternoon, a steady stream of cars similar to what one might see during Rush Hour on Rt. 108…not the most comforting given the debris and hole-ridden right hand side of the lanes. (no bike lanes) Not going to get much hill time around here but I think that the roads are long enough to make self-explanatory loops. Look forward to a much longer ride either this weekend or next week.

All right…shower and STUDY!

(Lunch Report-Thai Chicken curry on Jasmine rice with Cucumber-Mint Salad, plus a tossed salad with the world’s BEST homemade croutons EVER.)

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