I am woman hear me….

roar is definitely not the end to that sentence. Over the last months I, like most Americans, have followed the Democratic race for President. When my initial first choice bowed out early, I weighed my options and listened and read and debated and argued, mostly with myself. It wasn’t until sitting in the primary booth in the winter that I changed my vote twice, still not completely sure. Here on the eve of Senator Clinton’s campaign suspension (let’s face it…end) and acquiese to Senator Obama, I am a bit reflective.

I sit, a girl of almost 30 raised in the “girls can do anything” wave, a little sad. I’m not sad because I thought that Senator Clinton should inarguably win the Democratic nomination. I’m not really sad because I thought that her policies were best. And I’m not sad because I will miss the sound of her voice screaming into a microphone. I’m sad because this time around the girl lost. It is a realization that no matter how hard we tried, walking the tightrope between strong and B*&ch, feminine and weak, we have not broken the largest glass ceiling of all. Do I think Senator Clinton lost because she is a woman? No, not completely. I think the electoral college and superdelegates ignororance of the popular vote is out-dated and is stacked with old boys network, but….My sadness is not really about why she lost. It is about the fact that for the first time, us girls had a shot at having one of our “clique” leading our way as a nation. It seems so silly to me that we, the world’s “great” power, are still so far behind in gender equity in government.

I will take up my proud Donkey tail and support Senator Obama in his quest. But I will mourn, for a brief time, the loss of my fellow XX’er and pray for her continued participation in the work of our great country.

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