You know the end of the school year is nearing when first graders cannot possibly play a singing game without fighting, when third graders don’t want to watch another movie, and people are pushing and shoving like crazy.

This my dear reader is called “endoftheyearitis”. It happens every year at this time. Behavior issues spike, apathy is high, and brains are full to capacity. This is why we have summer break. We have summer break so that the children can decompress, play without structure, sleep, breathe, and be around people other than the children they have been locked in a room with all year. For teachers, it is a time to remember that we do really love our children, love our subjects, and have motivation to teach them. Thank God it is coming.

1.5 days.

One thought on “Endoftheyearitis.

  1. Casey June 5, 2008 / 12:30 am

    I’m right there with you. I’m about to eat some 8th graders for lunch, right after I make them cry.

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