presupposing the greatest thing.

I heard these words today, “the resurrection of Jesus is the most important thing that has ever happened on Earth.” I must be quite honest that even I, a committed Christian, was taken aback by this comment.

Even when putting the audience (school children at a Christian school) aside, I find this presupposition of knowing the greatest thing to be horrifying. Who gets to decide that? What are the repercussions for a statement such as this on the lives of the approximately 70% of the world who do not practice Christianity? Jesus lived and died a mere 2000 years ago, what about the billions of years prior to his life and death? Wouldn’t the creation of the Earth rank up there pretty importantly?

I am sure the speaker of the statement did not mean to offend anyone. I’m pretty sure that he didn’t think about the power of his words. We must be thoughtful to the fact that just because we are Christians does not make us superior to the world. Before we go touting the perfection of one act, however miraculous and world changing, we must consider that perhaps it is the spouting of superiority that makes much of the rest of the world angry with Christians.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t be proud to be Christians. I am not suggesting that we do not define the resurrection as the most important event in the history of Christianity. (We would not exist without it) What I am saying is that I do not feel we can truly be followers of Christ, living His example of humility, love, and grace, if we assume that the most important thing to ever happen in the history of the world is about us.

Even up to his last, Jesus allowed others to learn through his use of parables, reciprocal questioning, and his model. We as adult followers give children a great gift when we allow them to learn about Christ through our lives, through our stories, through our songs. We should never attempt to teach them through perceived superiority, assumption, or exclusion of others.

No matter which religion you practice, or none at all, you are loved.


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