black and blue poem

black and blue is my toe.
my toe is black and blue.
for stubbing it was a big mistake
and now i sit, boo hoo.

no running for me this gorgeous weekend
and another week behind I get.
for B&A Half is coming up quick
and I’m not quite ready yet.

tonight as I sit my toe is quite fat
and covered with bruisy striations.
I wish that this “rest” was enjoyable
like taking a break for vacation.

Alas it is no vacation for me
just hobbling and bobbling to walk.
Unfortunately for those around me,
it has not hurt my ability to talk.

Oh please let me get, some exercise done
on mr. elliptical trainer
for without endorphins I’m afraid I’ll become
as big as a house or a gator.

running by wednesday i hope and i pray
will be in my dear near future.
for B&A half is four weeks away
and I wish to do real super.

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