my hope today.

I hope. I pray.

I desperately wish that I will never let myself be built up by someone else’s pain. I pray deeply that I will never benefit from another’s hurt. That rather, i will hurt with them. That rather, I will take time to understand rather than to assume. That rather, I will look past my feelings and see the deep humanity found in another.

I hope. I pray.

That I might think first with a gentle heart, next with an empathetic mind, and never with spite.

Lofty. In a world of cynicism and competition. Difficult. In a place of deep confusion and unexplainable paranoia. Challenging. In a life of pride.

Completely Necessary without excuse or recompense. In order to be whole.

Love first. Love second. Love last.

2 thoughts on “my hope today.

  1. Esmerelda February 3, 2008 / 10:53 pm

    Hard, hard work, girl. Keep me posted, I could use a lesson or two in that.

  2. Alecia Berman-Dry February 5, 2008 / 7:30 pm

    This is so heartbreaking, my friend. Sometimes I am so surprised at how much, how deeply you feel.

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