No we are not crazy, we are determined

It was cold. I purposely did not turn on the tv to see how cold because I knew it would deter me. I arose at 4:30 am, layered up in wicking yet supposedly warm clothes and headed to MM’s for our run. We made an agreement that I would run the first 12 of her 18 miles this morning before work…yes, before work. So we ran two loops and completed 12.5 miles in 1 hour and 59 minutes. Most of me was cold most of the time, but my feet, thanks to my new smartwool socks, were toasty. The rest of me is still recovering from the cold 12 hours later. Why you ask? Oh yes, because it was 22 degrees with snow and ice on the ground. Crazy? Maybe a little, but man did my endorphins run all day.

It felt great and validated why I love running long distances, plus, catching up with my pal makes 12 miles go by pretty fast. (Or if could be she is just an awesome pacer) either way, it was great.

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