It’s Taper Time

For the last several years, the two weeks that are the most dreaded during the year are the two that lead up to the marathon. After months of training, in snow or heat, running long and hard, the two weeks of rest and easy running leading to the race day are possibly the worst. In the next two weeks, I will dramatically cut my mileage and speed yet continue to eat the normal amount. This leads to feeling slightly sluggish, lead legged, and then, in turn, leads to many psychosomatic symptoms and delusions of grandeur with regard to one’s upcoming race.

So I will point out the facts to attempt to distinguish any delusions with regard to my current fitness status.

The facts: I did over do my last 20 miler and now have nagging pain in my calf and foot. I have purchased and worn new shoes and insoles to try and remedy the problem. I’m also on ice, a lot.

The facts: I trained really well with my RP this season. We ran hard and fast in the heat, in the rain, and in the really early morning. We did 3 20’s (she did 4) and numerous high mileage LR’s as well as speedy fast times round that track. We have trained with a lofty goal and we have stayed pretty well focused.

The facts: I train on rolling hills, Minneapolis Minnesota does not have said hills thereby giving me a slight muscular endurance advantage. And the mental tenacity to conquer the “giant” long slow grade at mile 20.

The facts: I really want to do well this time round. I would very much like to reach my lofty goal so I can slow the heck down and enjoy and savor my running.

In the next two weeks, I will think I’m fat and slow. I will have weird pains as my muscles recover from 16 weeks of beatings. I will have trouble sleeping. I may not get over this pain in my foot. But, I will still approach the starting line in Minneapolis well trained and well rested.

If only that could come so much faster than 14 days.


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