first impressions

Sunday morning I felt like the clouds had parted and the sun began to shine, directly on me. After a long summer putting off the church search, I girded up my strength and took the leap to visit a new parish on Sunday morning. Reticient to try a new Episcopal church, having been let down by so many, I hoped that the neighborhood of this church and its simple website would lead to finding a great “hidden gem”. My hunches could not have led me to a more wonderful place.

Simply sitting in the parking lot, I was able to “check” a lot of things off my list. Once I entered the worship and education building, I was greeting with boisterous children, a bright, open, and sunny sanctuary, well but casually dressed men and women of every race. I was greeted warmly by several parishoners. The service was traditional but connected, it was clear that many parishoners were truly engaged in the liturgy, as if it were brand new. The sermon was based on a traditional parable but at the same time thoughtful and relevant. The choir, on their first Sunday since summer hiatus, was excellent.

This was a great worship place and space. My immediate connections with the people tell me so much about the church. I only pray that God has given me this blessing not as a fleeting occasion but perhaps as a home.


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