Children will listen…

Conversations in the last few days have led me be very cognizant of my speech. I have been very disconcerted at the words adults have used to describe each other and children. I have been made uncomfortable by the language used in the presence of colleagues, parents, strangers, and even, our children.

I believe that all children should be spoken to so they may understand. I also believe that as teachers, it is imperative that we hold onto the notion that all children are good. Don’t get me wrong, children do make bad choices, but children are not bad. They are learning and growing, trying and failing, succeeding and sliding all at the same time. They are pawns to the circumstances in which they have been born and we must raise them up, through our example, our teaching, our learning, and our love.

With that said, we as educators must use language with our children and each other that is reflective of that belief. I don’t just mean refraining from foul language, because that is just a small piece. But as we speak of children,we should use words that build them up, address their issues with hope, and validate their worth. When we speak in the presence of children we should be models for behavior and character.

Careful what you say, Children will listen (Into the Woods)….

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