a freebie day.

Yesterday was another single day snow day. Always a blessing for teachers and children (not so, of course, for parents….but alas). It was also a bit of a “freebie snow day”, given that the sun was out and the small inch of snow melted away by mid-day. That did not stop me, however, from treating it as a completely socked in by weather type of day.

I often find that idle time gives me mixed feelings. As I spend most of my days and nights moving at full tilt, a day with a free schedule provides me with too many choices (clean the house? sit on the couch? read good books? plan ahead for lessons? Sleep? Run?) Usually I find my self whittling away the hours aimlessly and then realizing, as the free time is running out, all that I have needed to do. So I remain in a slightly less than clean house, books only halfway read, and lessons needing to be planned. But is a freebie day God’s way of saying slow down? Or is it his way of declaring, I just gave you more time do what you’ve been putting off.

Hmmmm. I suppose I’ll have to see on the next snow day.

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