Just Keep Swimming

Dory in Finding Nemo has the best attitude ever. Her mantra of Just Keep Swimming was definitely with me as I hit the cold water hard and fast at 5:15am this morning.

Embracing a new training schedule is always a little daunting, but two-a-days, bricks, and 5:15 am M-Th would have to border on insanity. Only three weeks into this whole shebang (and just two into the true tri schedule) and I am feeling surprisingly well. Approaching training from a completely different perspective has truly made me appreciate each new physical skill I gain or sharpen.

I have been out of the pool for 11 years, which is as many as I spent in it as a child. I have embraced my love of chlorine smell with full force and have felt a freedom that never truly manifests itself in roadrunning. Being in water and using my arms and legs to thrust myself up and down feels natural, comfortable, peaceful. Though I have to push to maintain speed or form, it is a great joy. As if I have been transported to another time or place and not here in this cold pool at O’dark:30.

This training will prove a very hard task for me, but with the feeling obtained by a few short laps in the pool, I will certainly “just keep swimming”.

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