The Most Important Thing

I took this interesting class several years ago called The Skillful Teacher. It was interesting because I couldn’t believe that teachers who were actual practiconers of their subjects were actually be required to take a basic methods and strategies course. It seemed to me that most of what was taught should have been intrinsic to being a good teacher. However, It refreshed my memory to some cool and interesting techniques after being out of the classroom for several years. It also introduced me to a few strategies that I had never used. This was also helpful.

My favorite summarizer that we learned was called “The Most Important Thing”. During a lesson, the teacher expresses the most important fact about a particular subject. The teacher proceeds with the lesson, providing a variety of facts, opinions, etc and so forth, but always returns to TMIT. At the end of the lesson the children complete a TMIT chart to recall their information learned.

I think that in life we should have a Most Important Thing. It changes (back to that change again, huh?) through time perhaps, or maybe it just grows more clear or manifests itself in different ways, I’m not sure. I see that The Most Important Thing is to love one another. Obviously, this is seems trite. But a colleague today reminded me that TMIT is to love one another, unconditionally and not in spite of our differences but because of them.

I teach music, general and choral. But, if I never got to teach music again and simply spent all of my days teaching my children to love on another, that to me would be TMIT. I want my children to know that regardless of what they do, how they act, or anything of superficial matters, that they are loved.

So, here is my chart:

The Most Important Thing in life is to LOVE ONE ANOTHER,
and live a healthy lifestyle,
and balance work and play,
and rejoice in our blessings,
and share our blessings with others,
but The Most Important thing in life is to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.


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