Yes, Change is Hard.

I decided on a new bumpter sticker slogan yesterday that I am starting to embrace as my life mantra: If it sucks, fix it. If you don’t like it, stop complaining and do something.

Much has of my life has been spent in strict aversion to change. Kicking, screaming, tantrums, whining, complaining, and bargaining to not make changes. Most of this aversion stems from fear; of failure, or even worse, of success. But in the last few years, as I have traveled from state to state, job to job and company to company, I have realized that change has become easy for me. And that I have a low tolerance for those who stick to the unacceptable status quo just to avoid change.

Change is scary. Despite the best laid plans, it is a journey into unchartered territory, a leap of faith. But that does not excuse an inability to change or even consider change for the betterment of others. Being stuck in one’s ways is not always best, nor does it always benefit.

Change is not easy. But if everything in life were easy we would miss some of the sweetest moments around us.

Some examples:

Change: Moving across the country to Cali for a job. Result: An amazing husband

Change: Getting off the couch and going running Result: Health, pride, enjoyment, new friends

Change: Quitting a job at a public school and going to a private school Result: Support, renewed joy of teaching

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world”-Ghandi

Change is hard, but change is worth it.


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