passionate patience.

passionate patience.

The theme for 2012-2013 at work and in life. I love that this was a synonym for “endurance” in one of my studies recently. I want to show myself to be a person of great mental and physical endurance by giving passionate patience for the people I encounter. At work, this means answering the same questions as many times as I need to and with joy in serving others. In life, it means extending grace in situations where my fuse is typically short. Hopefully every once in a while I can extend this patience to myself too.

Gettin’ Ready to Roll


Sitting in my car here at 7am on Sunday two hours before the High Cloud Snapple Half Marathon is set to begin. We will traverse 13.1 miles on the C&O towpath to run our race today. It is currently 34 degrees.

Why am I here so early you ask? Because there is about 1/4 parking for the whole of the racers and I didn’t want to take a shuttle. My seat warmer is on and I put little hotties in my shoes while I sit in the car. Ah the things we crazy runners do…

I have no goals today other than to finish. I didn’t train for this, I just wanted to run it. So, no lofty thoughts of PR’s today. I am not a “race number on = racing” person anymore. Sometimes I run races just because I can without worry of time or place.

Do you ever run a race just because? Have you ever done something crazy just to get a decent parking spot?