free write

It has been many months since I have posted to this blog. I spend quite a bit more time on my professional blog. But I’ve been inspired by the many women taking up the 31 Days of Writing challenge wherein they write for 5 minutes a day on a particular topic for 31 days. Well, it is October 16, so I have completely missed the boat on this one, but I am writing all the same.

Our kids at school are learning to write with Lucy Calkins Writing Workshop this year and the process for writing is so well-structured. They glean ideas from their own reading, from conversations, from their own environment. They practice noticing sensory elements in the world around them to increase their expressive vocabulary. And most of their writing is choice based allowing them to explore personal topics that have meaning for them.

I feel like I often don’t publish more because I spend so much time working to create the perfect submission. Instead of writing what is on my heart or mind–I build the right set of links and images to express whatever it is that I want to say. The freedom to simply write about a particular topic, memory, or whatever without the constraints of perfection is ideal. When I write on this blog, I don’t particularly know for whom I’m writing (other than my mom), so rather, let me write for me. Let me use this forum to share what’s on my mind, put it vulnerably into the world and see what comes back.

So off I go, to try to write more and experience the freedom of simply writing to write. What a gift.

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