making room in the inn.

My heart has been stitched up pretty well in the last year. I feel like the stitches are strong and some of them are mending up well. In the last few weeks, I’ve regularly taken a peek at the local shelter dogs to see if someone might pull at my heart. I kept sending them to my sweet sisters who kept reminding me that a big, black, pit-bull mix might scare the rest of my family away. And then my sister sent me Toby. A terrier-mutt with a sad story. Found on the side of the road, practically bare with mange. A sad sack to say the least but a sweet face that needs a new home. A canine refugee, a last chancer. The kind people of PAWS have had him treated and have given him lots of love and care. His mange is cleared, his body healed, and his spirit is beginning to renew.

I was going to wait until summer. But my “inn” has plenty of room and my heart is ready to be full. So my Christmas gift is a new partner in crime, a new snuggle mate, and a new companion. Maybe in a way, we will save each other.

Tobias Bartlet Thomas will make his home at the Porch Swing Palace in a few weeks and I’m just simply over the moon.


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