photo source (perfect that it’s a Yankee #)

I am finally my favorite number! For years, my lucky number has been 37. I have three seven’s in my birthday and it always seemed like a logical reason to make it my favorite number. Also, there are a lot of interesting math things around 37. I’m #4 in our group of 7 cousins (7-4=3), I’m one of three sisters, and Ken’s classroom number in 2nd grade (his Mom’s class) was 7, so it just fits.

Starting a fresh new year of life in a new place doing new things is just what the “doctor” ordered after a tumultuous 36th year. I will officially get an Alabama license today and have officially sent my “back to school” letter to faculty today. So both feet are firmly planted for a great new year in the South.

For your interest, here are some cool facts about the #37 I think my Mom will be most pleased by the Shakespeare reference and I’m pleased that I’m the fifth lucky prime. I think K would be pleased that this is Casey Stengel’s retired Yankee number. Also, because some people have too much time on their hands, the interwebs found me this 37 Factoid site. My favorite factoid from this site is:

  • The winner of the 1996 Ironman Triathon World Championship, Luc Van Lierde of Belgium, was entrant #37. (Sweet.)

Also, not to get all morbid, but apparently Dylan Thomas died at the age of 37 (no plans for that for me…) but since he wrote one of my favorite poems, I give it to you here. (His wife was named Caitlin, also appropriate.)

So that is enough of me for one 37th natal day. Have a Sofia or an IPA today and tell your family you love them.I continue to feel overwhelmed by the grace which I’ve been given by my friends and family in the last nine months. Honor each day as a gift and a step forward in faith and joy.


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