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I’m having a serious CJ Cregg moment. My frustration and anger about the kidnapping and violence in Nigeria is overwhelming me with grief and leaving me stunted for a way to help. I have read two inspired and strong posts that have pushed me to the keyboard to add my voice in love and outrage.

Why is this not plastered all over our news 24/7? Why am I seeing more about the White House Correspondents Dinner than this? What could possibly be more important in the news cycle than the violent abduction of 200 Nigerian high school girls?

Taken. In the night. By terrorists who believe that God is telling them to do this. Men whose extremist view of religion means subjugating women by any means necessary.

Why? Because they were in school. Because they know that women who are educated can change a nation and a world. Brave, intelligent, beloved girls taken. Their families distraught with little aid from the international community.

So what does one small voice like mine do? Shout! Shout to anyone who will listen-Bring Back Our Girls! Pray! Pray for the girls, their families, their communities, the government of Nigeria and the international community; that they may find swift solutions to bring the girls home. Pray for their captors-that God may open their eyes to the message of love and peace.

What shall you do? Let your voice be heard to anyone who can or should hear you. Until they all come home.

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One thought on “#bringbackourgirls

  1. Mary May 5, 2014 / 10:57 pm

    I just heard about this for the first time on NPR today. Outrageous and truly horrible.

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