the reality in blessings

Our move into our new (rental) home has been quite an adventure. Things had proceeded so very well with our amazing movers and our great teamwork. We unpacked boxes and set up furniture. We put books on shelves and hung pictures on walls. And then the contractors came to replace the floor (pre-planned)-which turned into….the floor in the utility room is rotted out-which turned into….there is a leak in the master water in-take-which turned into…..we have to shut off your water for two days. After having had no hot water for a few days when we first moved in, this was sort of the icing on the cake. Add to it the cracks in the windows needing repair, the sink completely backed up and the missing crawl space cover in the back of the house and things are just not so cracker jack right now.

I could get mad. I could get really mad. I could yell at someone and lose my cool. But I’m working very hard to not get mad. To recognize that if this was our owned house, we would be up a creek not being able to pay for all of the work. To recognize that at the end of the day, we have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, clothes on our backs, shoes on our feet, jobs, health, care, and friends and family who have offered beds, showers, and running toilets. We have each other. We have Parker (even though he is stuck with his buds at Wagtime for this ordeal.) We have a whole lotta AND in our life. Our blessings are abundant and this minor set of house details in the scheme of life are small. How we focus the realities of life is up to us. I’m choosing the route of grace today. I’m choose to dwell on the blessings and gifts rather than the frustrations and inconveniences. This too shall pass but this (see below) remains. Today I choose joy.




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