grace for the morning.

We slept through our long run training program today. K hadn’t felt well in the night and I could tell I just needed more sleep. So the dog was walked and fed and all three of us fell back into a deep slumber until 9:30 for me and the dog and 10:30 for K. Clearly we needed sleep. I awoke feeling rested and well. 

As I took the dog out for second walk around 10 the pangs of guilt started to creep in. I had already seen the mass of facebook feeds declaring great races, long runs, bike rides, and other various pursuits all before brunch starts at most places. My mind started to wonder if I would feel guilt all day for missing this week’s long run. I started making unrealistic plans about running mid-day or catching up tomorrow. What I really needed was grace.

Often I find myself extending grace to others, or at least, it is a personal goal to give this out freely. Allowing space for life to enter in the lives of others, allowing for imperfection, allowing others to need grace. But with myself, I often do not extend the same courtesy. I create unrealistic expectations or do not allow myself a “break” from guilt of expectations. This is a vicious cycle. 

So today I resolved to give myself grace. To drink the cup of coffee and enjoy the Tour de France without self-flagellation for missing one 14 mile run. To mess around with photobooth and a stuffed pony. Perhaps what my body needs more today is grace. And it is certainly what my mind needs more too.

Give yourself grace today, dear friends. As Marilla Cuthbert always said, “tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes.”


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