helloooooo…….Friday Five.

I am suffering a bit from blogging relevance deficit so I’ve been a bit dormant lately. I know, I know….you anxiously wait with bated breath my next inspiring post but alas, you shall keep waiting.

So in the spirit of maintaining my rep as a “blogger”, here is my Friday Five.

1. I’m training my sister(s) for the Iron Girl Half Marathon. They are amazing and kicking total butt in workouts. Nothing says get out of your pj’s like seeing two emails from MapMyRun where your sisters (younger and older) have already completely the weekend workout!

2.  I got in the pool today for the first time. It wasn’t pretty but I felt happy all day because I smelled like chlorine and I drove to school with goggle eyes. I love it….why don’t I swim more?

photo (13)


3. I have a boyfriend who understands that I need to end this week with wine, pizza, and fancy pants ice cream. Yup, none of this is gluten free, paleo, vegan, or dairy free. And that just has to be damn ok today.

4. My Friday’s at school end with 12 kindergarteners ascending to the computer lab for class. Today’s class was awesome. Sticker worthy!! And I am so grateful to be a teacher.

5. We need a house (or townhouse) with a yard so badly. Why? Because of course we have our fur-love, Parker, and because I want this guy to be Parker’s brother.


That’s all for now. I promise, more relevance at some point. For now, thanks for letting me read YOUR blogs, stati, and other such musings.Oh, and GO RAVENS!!!



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