idyllic run

I have wanted to go to Harvard for about oh, my entire life. In the last few years this pull has become stronger as I seek higher academic study. This past week, a mini-version of my dream came true as I participated in the New and Aspiring Leaders Institute at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. WOO HOO.

One of the best parts, taking two runs around the Harvard Campus and specifically the Charles River. I have seen people running these hallowed lanes and rowing down the river in movies galore. Specifically, a cold winter morning run with the crew team in With Honors…(one of my favorite movies of all time.) This is what I picture in my head when I think of running at Harvard.



So I mapped out a 5k run and took off on Sunday morning with my iPhone in tow hoping to capture a moment or two of Ivy League bliss. It was all I had magically hoped for; a crisp fall morning, scullers pulling out of the boathouse, bright shining sun. Sometimes it is in these moments of joy that I know God exists and hears my prayers. Here is my, non-professional take on the surroundings of my run.

And there you have it. A perfect fall 5k that took me past K school, along the river, over the bridge, and back home again in perfect idyllic fashion.

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