this or that (borrowed from Lindsay!)

One of my favorite blog-gals, Lindsay,  made up a “quiz” this week. I love these. And I love seeing what other people have to say about preferences and such. This is my last free day before the school year starts. I started the day by coaching then groceries.. I’ve spent the rest of the day simmering some bone broth , taking a 3 hour nap, icing my knee, and watching The Hunger Games on-demand. So this is a nice post-nap treat. Thanks Lindsay!


Katniss is my Kick A** Girl.


Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate. Dark, preferably with caramel and sea salts in some capacity. I love Salazon Chocolate Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt, and Black Pepper. 

Innie or Outtie?

Innie. Hee hee.

Hot Hot Summer or Snowy Winter?

Oooh, I’m going to go with summer because it is less work!

Save or Spend?

I wish I could say it was save. I need some serious Dave Ramsey intervention and am seeking advice. 

Elliptical or Treadmill?

Ugh, preferably neither. If I’m in the gym-let near my house, I prefer the rower.

Banana or Apple?

APPLES! My favorite fruit and sauce. I like bananas but they give me heartburn.

Morning or Night?

MORNING. I would go to bed at 7pm each night if I could. Lately I’ve been getting up at 5, walking Parker and then doing bible and coffee.

Love or Money?

Love. Even though money would be totally rad because debt and hand-to-mouth suck, I’ll take the love of my dbf, family, and sweet dog over an easy financial time any day. 

Lipbalm or Lipstick?

ew. I hate lipstick. I only wear it for performances I know my Mom is attending. I am a lip balm junkie. I current love Hurraw. I love all of the flavors but the Earl Grey and the SPF (citrus) are my favorites.

Butt or Boobs?

Neither. Both make running difficult. When I “got” the boobs at age 17 it was the beginning of a no-love relationship and the butt that I got 

Acoustic or Electric?

This was a Lindsay question for her husband. For me, I am going to say acoustic…or anything the Indigo Girls play.

Coffee or Tea?

COFFEE. So I may function properly in society without significant psychotropic drugs. My Keurig was the best gift I ever received and I am obsessed with GMC Coconut Mocha coffee.

Straight or Curly?

Like all girls with straight hair, I have always longed to be curly. Hence my perms from grades 5-9. Oh dear. 

Three Squares or Graze All Day?

I’m a grazer who is trying to recover. Paleo would say no snacking and I’m working on it. 

Right handed or left handed?

I’m a righty who thinks it is so cool that people write left-handed.

Beach or Mountains?

Need I say more? Oh wait, I LOVE the mountains too. But the beach will always take the cake. Good Book + Beach + Sun = Perfection.

Mac or PC?

Mac at home, PC at work. iPhone in between. 

Shy or Outgoing?

on the MBTI scale, I am an introvert but if I’m coaching I’m totally outgoing.

And that’s all she wrote. Thanks Lindsay! It was a fun quiz.


2 thoughts on “this or that (borrowed from Lindsay!)

  1. Melissa Watzke September 3, 2012 / 12:11 am

    Vanilla. I don’t like anything chocolate. People think I’m a freak and as a kid I kinda wished I liked it just so I wasn’t different.
    Hot Hot Summer. I violently HATE being cold.
    Save or spend? Depends on my mood but I’m generally not compulsive.
    Elliptical or treadmill? Both are devices of torture.
    Bananas because I hate apple peal so bananas are easier.
    Love. For sure.
    Lip balm. I never got in the habit of wearing lipstick since I started wearing makeup about the same time I started playing an instrument and you just can’t play with lipstick on. (favorite brand is Blistex mint)
    Butt. My boobs are nonexistent. Even after 2 kids.
    Acoustic. It’s more authentic.
    Coffee or Tea? Neither. I don’t care for liquid strained through plant parts.
    Straight. I’ve learned to embrace it.
    3 squares. Mostly. I might have a granola bar or piece of fruit for a snack but I’m not constantly eating.
    Righty tighty.
    Mountains. Not that we have either here in the middle. But I could sit on the side of a mountain and just be quiet for hours.
    I’ve always been a PC girl, but we got macs at school recently and I think I’m in love.
    Outgoing. Mostly. Depends on the situation and my level of comfort in it.

    That was fun!

  2. Lindsay's List September 3, 2012 / 12:20 am

    We have so much in common!! And Dave Ramsey stuff is GREAT – I highly recommend him!

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