Teensy Step

I coach track. Stop laughing…I realize that running and fast and me don’t go in the same sentence but I was asked to coach track this spring so here I am. (Ok, in all honesty, I think they just needed a chick coach, but that’s ok too.)

I’ve been frustrated all spring that I can’t run the kids through workouts. I’ve sat on the sidelines or stood on the sidewalk and called out workouts. Argh. How can I be a good example without modeling?  Who really responds to a fatty coach? Middle school kids are concrete and they are image driven; I need them to see that even a puffy faced gal can run strong too! Frustration!

Well, on Tuesday that had to change! We were down two coaches and we were doing what we call the “Behnke’s Run”; our run to the landscaping business and back (about 3 miles). I had all my gear including my super new Newton’s ready to go and thought, “I’ll just try it”. It was a gorgeous albeit windy day and perfect for a runner. So back of the pack I went, tentatively, easy peasy steps. No major raise in heart rate, just focus on form…ah sweet blissful relief of running. Keeping my eyes on the BOP of kids that were ahead of me. I was probably going 14 min/mi but it felt glorious. My forehead glistened and my body said YES! 16 minutes of running and 10 minutes of walking while counseling a student about injury and overextending oneself. YES! Joy of Joys!


Technically, I am not allowed to run until May 1 so right now a few steps at practice now and then will be just the ticket. And before my friends can worry, yes I’m being careful, and no I have no marathon plans until December!

Have you ever felt blissful release when returning from injury? Do you have a great story? Share!

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