DDG: Being an Aunt


This weekend I had the delight and pleasure to join my family for a jaunt to the National Christmas Tree. We headed out in the brisk Washington, D.C. evening to visit Santa, look at the glorious lights, and enjoy a meal together. We walked The Extra Mile on our way to dinner and delighted in learning about volunteers in the US who made an impact on their community and nation. This was a fantastic evening of shivers, hugs, running, and the beauty of two little girls laughing. These girls are hilarious and smart and so many positive things. They are such a delight to me. Almost 9 years ago, I became an Aunt and getting to know these two little humans is such a great pleasure. They have been masterfully raised by their mother, my sister, to be polite, curious, adventurous, and thoughtful girls. I am so blessed to know them.

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