In the Year of Eddie Murray

Today is my 33rd birthday. Here I begin a new year of life. I have deemed this the year of Eddie Murray. Eddie Murray is a quintessential example of my childhood joys. He was the best first baseman the Orioles have ever had and we spent many a summer day chanting “Ed-die” in Memorial Stadium on 33rd Street in Baltimore. Orioles baseball is all about happiness for me. At this point, I could only name a few players, for my fandom hey-dey ended after Cal left. The vibrant green of the grass, the dancing Oriole bird, the smell of Esskay hot dogs, the soft-serve in the helmets, the crack of the bat, the shouts of “Charge”, the John Denver 7th inning stretch. It is all delight to me. The game is almost secondary to the entire experience of going to the game.

It is this collection of memories that remind me that small things add up to a great sum of  joy. The last five years have brought great ups and downs of life; more than I thought I could endure. Now as I begin a new year with a new job, new apartment, new community, and my love, I feel as though I must take advantage of the little blessings. With each little happiness, my joy grows stronger and my heart can endure slips and slides with ease. Counting each new day and each little positive moment and placing them into the cup that continually runneth over.

So I use the analogy of my favorite baseball player #33, Eddie Murray, as a reminder of these joys all year long. Just like a full count in the last out of the 9th inning, I can’t wait to see what this year will bring for me.

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