Make Good Choices in Chicago!

I’m spending the week in Chicago working with friends old and new on a musical benefit performance of Into the Woods. I know the week will be very strenuous, mentally and physically, and I am apt to make poor choices like oversleeping or overeating. I have set some attainable goals with my Holistic Guru this week.

1.  continue avoiding dairy
2.  try writing early morning pages regularly (journaling to help me with positive focus)
3.  back to basics with leafy greens at least 1x per day/ drink plenty of water/ healthier decisions with eating out

I am hoping to stay focused on these basic things to make smart choices. Last night was a good start with dinner out eating a meal with vegetables and lean protein and avoiding dairy! Lots of water to be had today along with a pre-emptive stress nap.

Oh and I believe a run or two along the lake shore path will be required this week to start the day!

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