Treat vs. Backslide

As I embrace this diet/lifestyle change adventure, I think it is important that I learn to differentiate between treats and full blown backslides. I realize this was a holiday weekend but oh my goodness my belly was not happy with me yesterday. I blame that sweet Italian who sat in the car with me for 7 hours yesterday. It is his amazing and awesome mother that makes such lovely delicious quiches that I can’t stop!

Not that I was all that bad….I did have a tasty plate of brussel sprouts (with bacon) and dandelion greens in Brooklyn with my longest friend. It just happened to be accompanied by the most delicious artisan cheddar grilled cheese with apples that I’ve EVER eaten.

On the way home I read the book, Skinny Bitch, which was very interesting and reminded me to get back on the straight and narrow (right after I have that Roy Rogers cheeseburger at Molly Pitcher. Damn!) Seriously, it was hilarious, shocking, informative, and thought-provoking. I thank that same great woman who filled my belly with ricotta and cured meats for giving it to me!

Back to the straight and narrow today. Yummy shake today with a good full cup of kale, the banana flavor really came through w/o the chocolate protein (I used vanilla). Avoided all elements of non-planted related items at school lunch. (Yes, I actually ate a salad.) Now I supplement with radishes, grapes, a clementine and a sliver of a Sticky Fingers Cowvin Cookie. (oh dear Lord, this is VEGAN??)

Here’s to a week of positive eating.

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