Girl Time

I had the blessing over the last two days to spend several hours with a great friend. We don’t have the chance to see each other very often and we had time to lunch, talk, coffee, shop, and church all in one weekend. I love my gal pals. Time and geography are big hurdles to see these amazing women but I truly relish the chance to spend face time with them. No email, phone, or Facebook could ever replace time.

I am so grateful.

One thought on “Girl Time

  1. LoveFeast Table February 28, 2011 / 4:15 pm

    Thanks for leaving a note and letting me know you found my blog! What a fun great small world!! Yes! It’s me…”Mrs. Brekhus” 🙂 It’s always fun to find ways to connect ~ & our blog continues to surprise me with connections! As for real life connections, I agree, they’re the best! In case you didn’t catch it…I write LoveFeast Table with my bff from Maryland (to stay connected). We also host BlogLove events(blogger networking events) in Baltimore and Minneapolis (where the B’s live now w/their 4 kids!)~maybe you can join us some time!! Thanks for visiting so fun to find a IRL (In Real Life) connection! Wishing you success & joy! ~Chris Ann (facebook: & twitter @lovefeast)

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