Unraveled Cords

The boxes are being packed.
32 years of life sorted and wrapped.
Bits of life that should have been tossed long ago, but now has its fate sealed for eternity in peanuts and packing tape.
As if a time capsule of our lives was being built only to never be opened again.

The cords have unraveled.
It has been a journey on the slow road to unwind and find the way free of the knotted tether.
Could they have possibly come apart before, of course, but the threads held out as long as they could.
And now they are unraveled.

Can we pull out that doorway.
The one that documented our upward rise.
To freeze in time the moments we felt would last forever.
But they are written in pencil.
Another memory to fade or be erased.

How I wish I could take those cords.
Wind them back into place with the same clear adhesive that holds our locked treasures
To solve the problems of broken hems and un-patched knees.
But they have, at last, unraveled.

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