The fall-winter-early spring road back from both IM and the “boot that felt like it was never coming off” has been really rocky. Boulder rocky. Grand Canyon in the rain without a burro rocky…get the point? But, I’ve slowly been making my way back to life through PT and through the awesome kids that I coach twice a week. Nothing says recovery like 24 middle schoolers making you keep up with them for 3 miles. whoa!

I received a nice confidence boost at Clyde’s 10k on Sunday. I went in with exceedingly low expectations. (Finish by 62 min and get to the beer table before it’s gone.) I was very surprised that I was able to maintain under 9 min. pace for the entire race. So grateful to Bobsled for hanging with me until 4.5 and super happy that girl from swim (who annoys me…) was ahead of me on the giant hill on 108 gave me a competitive boost to “beat her”.  So up the hills I traversed and pulled a 7:54 last mile (woo hoo). So I actually beat last years time by :40….crazy right? But confidence, not cockiness, is good.

I was definitely considering dropping out of Rhode Island 70.3 this summer. Mostly for fiscal conservation, but definitely due to the lack of endurance within this pudgy yet frail body.  I just know that if I go up there and have a significantly lackluster performance, I’ll spend most of July pouting. (except for the 4 days I’m in Lake Placid serving as Sherpa #1, that will be awesome.) But this morning, in the MMTC email batch of the day was a race report from a very cool stranger. This made my day, my week, perhaps! It got me excited about the ocean swim, excited about visiting a new state, excited to see the m-Dot’s everywhere (including this time ON my body…) I am so grateful to Iron Trish, someone I don’t know, for taking the time to share this today. It was just the inspiration I needed to get it done.

Now, time to get the dust off old Blue and get her on the road….

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