the “I” word.

I think I finally have to admit that not only am I a bit out of shape,  a bit pudgy, and definitely unmotivated but I may, gulp, be the “I” word. The inability to comfortably bear weight on my right foot. The inability to be awake and for it not to hurt. It’s unresponsiveness to ice, stretch, insoles…the discomfort while running, walking, standing, sitting, spinning, swimming, and breathing…yeah, I think it’s not so good.

It’s funny because I’ve been hurt before and had discomfort but I haven’t had an honest to goodness “I” in a long time….(years). It’s funny to watch the progression from slow, unathletic, sedentary person (2001) to fairly quick runner (2005-6) to Ironman (2009) all the way back to pudgy mcpudgerson mayor of pudgy town, captain of the sedentaries….not liking it at all…but now that I’m motivated to move, I can’t. It’s gonna be a long winter.

Excuse me, I gotta find my ice bottle……

One thought on “the “I” word.

  1. Anna BT January 11, 2010 / 1:34 am

    pudgy mcpudgerson???? Not quite! I’m sorry about your foot. My guess is you need no weight on it for a while…. I have crutches at the house…. 🙂

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