listening to my own body.

I have never been accused of overtraining. If anything, I am an undertrainer. I am lazy. I like to do as little as possible to accomplish my goals. I’m not saying this to be self-depricating, I’m just being honest.

So the last few months, with hours long workouts on the weekends, have been tough. I’m tired, all the time. I’m hungry, all the time. I rarely want to leave my couch or bed. But I’m trying so hard to do what I need to do so I can hear the words…you know them….in a month.

But this weekend, I decided to be satisfied for bucking my schedule and listen to my body. So instead of a 5hr bike/1hr run yesterday and a 90 min 4:1 run today I did this….. Yesterday, 4:30 bike, 60 miles/30min run (nagging hamstring pain forced the run to stop) Today, 3.5 mile trail run (no walking) with sister and two rambunctious dogs. I would probably have not gotten out of bed today if it hadn’t been for the dogs and my sister meeting me. It was hard, but it was good for my soul. (Plus, I now have two tired dogs at my feet)

Some might say I am undisciplined for not doing exactly as my schedule dictates every day. Some might believe that I won’t be an Ironman. But I know that listening to what my body is saying is something no one else can tell me to do. That something is better than nothing when motivation is weak. And that if joy is lost, what is the point?

I’m glad I found joy today.

One thought on “listening to my own body.

  1. Alecia August 17, 2009 / 7:04 pm

    Yes, it’s true, when we lose sight of why we enjoyed a hobby in the first place a reprioritization is in order. It sounds like you did just that. Bravo.

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