Summer Reading List

Every summer I make a lofty, inflated summer reading list. As if I can turn off my computer long enough to linger over pages. Ok, so sometimes this is possible, but…darn that Facebook. This year there are a few more non-fiction titles on the list. I’m open to fiction suggestions.

Nevertheless, here is the list as it stands today:

Finish: Gluten Free Girl (an amazing memoir/celiac manual, such incredible writing and eye opening text. @glutenfreegirl is amazing)

Finish: The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho. @paulocoelho is equally amazing

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey (isn’t it time I got my financial head out of my ass?)

The Inheritance of Loss

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri Everything she writes is captivating.

For work: Beyond Discipline by Alfie Kohn. I had other hopes for our summer reading assignments, but discipline was our topic so I took the most “controversial” of the theorists. This is the dude who disses (yes Mom, I used your word) homework, so he and I gotta be close on wavelength!

On a sad book note, I am moving across the hall to a new place with a roommate (this is a good move) but I will have to find new homes (goodwill, storage, give to friends) for most of my library for the next year or so. I realize these material possessions are not my source of strength, hope, grace, or value, but I will miss them on their shelves, corners, and piles as they do make me feel like I’m home. Looking for something to read dear reader? Other than RST of course, send me a holler and I’ll see what I got for you.

Happy Literary Stimulation.

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