a letter to running.

i miss you my friend.
it has been far to long since we have shared a quiet hour or two.
you are waiting for me to return but my legs betray our friendship.
they are heavy. full of pain.

i can tell by feel that we have been apart awhile.
my body aches for you and its fullness reminds me we’ve been apart.
our time apart is changing me and I am not sure that I like the result.
i pray that i will regain the strength and time to be faithful to you.

i have tried to return to you lately but i find myself feeling inadequate to approach you.
as if you have been lost to me forever.
as if i have shamed you with my slow, lumbering, footsteps and the ungraceful bounce of my middle.
i miss you my friend.

will there come a time, when as God does, you will call me back?
where you will cry out, enough! come back!
i’m afraid that isn’t your way.
you simply wait upon me for my return.

thank you for being patient dear friend.
i long to return to our friendship based on strides and sweat.
i desperately wait for the day when i can lift one foot after the other and pick up where we have left off.
i will return friend, please do not give up on me.

One thought on “a letter to running.

  1. Casey March 20, 2009 / 10:00 pm

    Perhaps I can help…I’m sending you an email. Everything has its season and right now it’s your body’s season to heal and prepare for the new season of intense training that’s approaching.

    Bike away.

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