women in leadership

In my daily scan of all things newsworthy, I came upon this lovely little piece by Marty Linsky in the Post. Mr. Linsky, of whom I happen to be a fan, suggests that had there been more women in positions of power that the wall street disaster might have had a softer blow, or even been avoided altogether. I basically want to reach across the interweb and give him a big ole’ hug for recognizing the power of women at the helm without sacrificing their best female traits.

“Women often embody a different leadership practice to the table, with a longer term perspective and a greater sensitivity to more enduring values.”

It is in this statement that I believe he is trying to identify a woman’s ability to see the big picture. It is this big picture, visionary approach that can guide an organization through an adaptive challenge. I appreciate Mr. Linsky’s understanding that women have an innate ability to lead effectively and have felt the underweight of being in a man’s world for far too long. Perhaps in the week-to-week crisis solution approach of President Obama, he will continue to keep his extensive panel of female advisers close to his ear. We will all benefit from their work.

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