Love Never Ends

Our amazing chaplain at school preached on I Corinthians 13. A wonderful and important chapter, used in weddings, commitments, rituals and the such. A chapter I know by heart.

But not a chapter I try to dwell on at this current life state. I know that it is not about romantic love, it is about God’s love. God’s love never ends, and thank Him for that. But how, as a Christian, do you wrap your head and heart around human love ending? How do you embrace that the only love you need is God but you still have the human longing to be a wife (partner)? How do you hold onto the few precious glimpses you had a traditional family and learn to regain strength as on your own? Answer: God, easy. But is it really? No.

I am loved. I have an amazing family and friends. I have an amazing God who has never left my side. I teach children who make me feel like a million bucks every day. But I still feel like a part of my heart is missing and I only pray that it grows back bigger like John Cusack says in Must Love Dogs. 🙂

Love Never Ends. Thank God for that.

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