early morning ho-hum.

Yesterday was a really stressful day at work. Very difficult to process all of the different things going on in the lives of the people being negatively effected by the economic state. Also, wrapping my head around a new grading policy in the middle of the trimester which is very a 180 shift in philosophy. (Oh, and then there was clss for which I had to read a 94 page good in one night!!)

So now I am up on this very ephing cold Friday morning. Lovebug has been walked and fed. First cup of joe has been downed (while watching Morning Joe, of course) but to the gym I did not go. I didn’t even sleep in. I was up, I walked a half mile in the freezing cold with the dog. But getting up and going and spending 45 minutes on a treadmill was not in my world today.

I think I’m in a ho-hum state realizing that the world’s best running partner ever is moving in six days. After three years (almost exactly) of laughter, tears, sweat, cold, hot, fast, slow, and probably hundreds of miles our weekly time together has to come to a abrupt end.  This, on top of all the other stuff, has put me in a major ho-hum. (More about how awesome my RP is on another post)

I’ve had a good week-two runs, two swims. And a plan-saturday run, sunday spin and run. So I’m not too worried about the day off, but there is the inevitable guilt and stress that I will ensue from it later today. But hopefully the busy stress of the day will eliminate that factor.

For now, I will enjoy the dwindling minutes of ho-hum with love bug asleep at my side.

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