waterboarding is no laughing matter.

Ok, ok, before you think I’m going to get all political…relax, I’m not. (Though torture of another human in any form is horrifying but that’s not the point of this post.)

Tonight at swim practice we copious amounts of drills–high elbow, fingertips, catch-up, kick/swim. But the true highlight was the 25y underwater, 25y swim. (six times). The goal was one breath for the length. Let’s just say my lungs don’t have that kind of capacity. It was up four times in a total sense of asphyxiation. Needless to say, i feel as though I know now why waterboarding works. (It is WRONG, but it makes sense). The lack of control as you reach the end of your oxygen capacity is a frightening feeling, particularly for this Type A blogger. Thankfully, it ended with flippers which is a freeing,  dolphin like feeling. Ahhhh.

Happy Breathing Dear Reader.

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