runnin’ in the rain.

Today’s run was a sloppy, sloshy mess.  5.7 miles with the tri girls in the drizzly-misty-downpour rain from 5:30-6:30am this morning. Lucikly it wasn’t particularly cold, so the rain was just wet rather than bone-chilling. Plus, it was just really nice to show up at the crack o’ dawn and find two other crazy people willing to run for an hour in the dark and dismal morning.  I came home and had to peel the layers off of me and it will be a few days before my riders are ready for another trek and let’s not even talk about the rats nest that was my drenched hair. But it felt good. It was not fast, nor was it easy. But it felt good. Somedays running has a way of changing you for the better. Today was one of those days.

Peace. (stay dry)

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