who is a singer?

I found this post on monochord mind today and it really re-affirmed for me the importance of making sure my students know how important it is to sing. I always tell my kids that God doesn’t care how you sing, as long as you are trying, your music is joyful to Him. I do also tell them that it important to keep practicing as some of us come by singing on pitch right away and some take a few years. The portion about children matching pitch was particularly resonant with me. I often see children match pitch for the first time after having heard them struggle for years. It is an absolute delight.

I also pray deeply that I’m never ever the music teacher that caused someone to be afraid of singing or come to the belief that they can’t sing. This is of utmost importance to me.

Make a joyful noise today; turn up the radio and sing along. You’ll add joy to your heart and time to your life.

One thought on “who is a singer?

  1. Casey September 23, 2008 / 12:22 am

    I will, music teacher, I will! I shouted the ‘teddy bear song’ (roll over, roll over) across the pool today and all the kids sang along!

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