bright moments

Joel Osteen reminds me today that, “You must quit looking at what you don’t have and start believing that all things are possible.”

So here are moments that remind me of that…

1. A droopy dandelion from a third grader.

2. An articulate and thoughtful apology letter from a student who had a moment of disciplinary amnesia yesterday.

3. This conversation with a third grader:
Student: Hey Dude
Me: Excuse me? (eyebrows raised)
Student: Oh, sorry…hey Dudette…
(how can you not laugh?)

4. Two boys creating their own patterns on the xylophone diligently then asking for more work

5. a first grader matching pitch consistently for the first time and answering questions unprompted.

6. minimizing all of my windows and seeing the bright blue eyes of the most beautiful five year old in the world as she was ready for her first day of kindergarten.

Some days it is hard to believe that anything is possible. But God gives these bright moments to remind me that I’m not in charge, cannot solve the problems of the world or at home, and that He is good, all the time.

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