short race report.

I am not particularly motivated to write a long race report from yesterday’s Annapolis Ten-Miler, so here is the quick wrap up…

It was good. I felt really strong the entire race, went out too fast in miles 2 and 3, but maintained well. The bridges were really difficult, particularly because of the blazing sun which beat down and radiated up through my feet (as well as burning my nose).

At the turn-around it was really good to see where I was positioned amongst the rest of the field and it gave me the confidence I needed to turn up my effort once I was back over the bridge. The prospect of coming in under 1:20 was too exciting not to pass up so I churned up the hill passing my fellow weary running mates. Crossing at 1:19:54, just a notch under my goal of 1:20.

I am not sure what it was that made me feel strong on this particular day. Strength has certainly been fleeting, but I was definitely motivated and for the strength, I’m grateful.

Annapolis 10 miler: 1:19:54, 23/319 (F 30-34), 656/4454 (OA)
Happy Running.

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